28.04.13 : New site

We've finally got round to sorting out our website - never knew how much fun web design could be! Now we just need to keep updating it ....

29.04.13 : Online videos ‘drive deeper engagement than text articles’

New research conducted by usurv shows that people are more likely to engage with video online than text - bearing in mind the scale of text to video consumption, conversion ratios will show an even stronger picture: http://bit.ly/Y84dl4

29.04.13 : It's all about the brief ...

A survey amongst ad execs highlights the need for better briefs to deliver a higher quality end product - is this the case for insight buyers / suppliers as well? http://bit.ly/17SPADt

29.04.13 : Eating out the palm of your hand

Emarketer predicts there will be over 40m UK smartphone users by 2016 (hidden within social network predictions) http://bit.ly/10ny0D1

30.04.13 : It's all about the mobile ...

Some nice stats from UM London regarding brand interaction amongst a comprehensive look at mobile usage - over half of users welcome communication from brands: ​http://bit.ly/Ziy6wJ

30.04.13 : UM have created a 'formula' to evaluate Content Marketing

Would love to see a) How they do it and b) if it works as well as they really say: