Do brands make YOU happy?

Research by The Guardian says that 67% of us say that at least one brand makes us feel happy. John Lewis was the #1 brand with 8% of mentions. Mine would have to include anywhere that serves a decent coffee ... more details on the research here:



New Ofcom report says over half of us 'media multi-task'.

Interesting data about the use of devices and media whilst watching TV - with over 74% of young adults multi-tasking and 44% second-screening whilst viewing. Who are the 26% of those that don't!?



Condé say digital titles are read for as long as print


New research released by Condé Nast ( claims that time spent reading digital titles is the same as print. The numbers quoted are big - around 2 hours for Vogue which is much higher than the best-performing titles in NRS (Reader's Digest is just over an hour) which leads one to question the data a little ...

Ashes competiton winner - Congratulations Nick!


Nick Mawditt from Talon Outdoor is the clever pundit who accurately predicted the 3-0 Ashes score to England and also came closest to Joe Root's 180 at Lord's for the tie-breaker as the 3-0 scoreline was a popular choice. The next thing for Nick to think about will be to find a suitable occasion to drink the Jeroboam of champagne that is winging its way over to Talon Towers!